Casey is a youngster who lives with his loving mom, pop, older brother and little sister, they run their own successful clothing/tailoring shop in a well off small town in the peaceful kingdom of Glassia, in short a perfect life. but when his sister is taken by a faery and he runs after her without stopping for help he gets into trouble, running into a girl who can turn into a wolf and has a short temper she attacks him and he ends up passing out in the middle of the road. waking up he finds he was saved by a strange young man who seems to know where Casey's sister was taken and is willing to help and it all would be going smoothly but... he didn't have pointy ears and a tail yesterday. was a spell put on him or was one broken? hes good at ignoring unpleasant things but he'll probably have to think about it eventually.

The setting is vague fantasy kingdom where faerys come in many shapes and sizes.

There is basicly no romance, just to let you know. Just pre-established couples and later in the comic there are LGBTQA themes but no sexy stuff, no romo dude.

The comic is intended to be pg-13 at most but there are depictions of child abuse and mentions? of disabilism and transphobia, also minor blood, violence and bruises.