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...smooth terry...real smooth...

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kaija, March 25th, 2016, 8:09 pm ( Reply )

just to make things as clear as possible - uh I want to state Casey's gender now even though it will be further addressed later in comic, (now if just because I can think of a few unfavorable conclusions someone could jump to...)

Casey is AMAB* agender**,
but right now wants he/him pronouns and doesn't want to talk about it, so he figured just saying boy would be easier even though it doesn't fit.
Also he is extremely flattered when people think he's a girl because, that means he's cute right? :3c
...so that's why he's actin weird.
(i know, i know, show don't tell but i seriously don't want anyone jumpin to weird conclusions! ...also this ain't yaoi in case anyone's wondering.
Look, you'd be wary too if you saw my 15-year-old self's smackjeeves reading list... -_- )

* AMAB: Assigned Male At Birth, ya get the blue baby balloons.
** Agender: a non-binary gender identity, neither man or woman. may feel like no gender at all.

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