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Digital painting is always harder than i think, i just keep going waaayy to light, this is the result after painting over it darker 3 times and adding 2 photoshop filters. I'm done with it :p

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kaija, May 27th, 2016, 9:34 pm ( Reply )

- jeez.....Sorry I keep missing updates, my computer is slow as molasses after i get to color lately.(there's other reasons too but I could probably get over those if it didn't take a million years to do anything) idk I'm gonna try doing one more thing but if I cant get next week's page done on time I'm gonna have to stop doing full color. flat colors or b&w i don't know yet. sorry. I know I like full color but obviously, until i get a new computer at least, it'll have to take a backseat. I cant stand missing updates (of my ONCE A WEEK schedule) anymore. -_-;

Oh also look I made a new font :) I used "myscriptfont.com". I don't know what I used before but even though it still took some fiddling this went MUCH smoother. (as you can see by the letters only being slightly off instead of wildly different sizes.) now that I'm looking at it it might be to small?...hm i gotta go to bed now, I'll fix it later.

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